What Type of Empathy Can Narcissists Have?

So, yes, narcissists do know when they hurt you. They know when they have angered you, made you feel guilty, sad, depressed, happy, and even feel loved. They know all this, but it is just used for their own benefit. And they tap into those emotions of yours to create the best possible outcomes for themselves. They do not care when they hurt you. They do not care when others hurt you. They only care about what you can give them or do for them. And they are prepared to use your own emotions to manipulate you into doing what they want. Narcissists are only able to feel sorry for themselves.

How to manage narcissists: This is why not being emotionally invested in a narcissist is so important. No hate, no love, just indifference. As I always say, give them nothing. But learning to grey rock can be crucial as it helps you to control your emotions. Being dull, boring, or overall disinterested in the narcissist is usually the best course of action because narcissists are always looking for the tiniest emotional reaction on your part that they can use against you. So, if you are not able to effectively grey rock or ignore a narcissist, no contact would be best. This means a clean disconnect from the narcissist on all levels, blocking them, and shutting them out from your life completely. For more information on emotionally disconnecting or distancing yourself from a narcissist, there will be a few links in the description box below. But to conclude, narcissists can feign empathy, so we cannot automatically assume that someone who shows some level of empathy is going to use it for good because narcissists clearly use it for evil. We have to take our time to prove people before we give them access to our hearts and homes because our empathy is a gift that narcissists do not appreciate. Instead, they try to manipulate. And the empathy they pretend to have is not for our benefit. They use it to get into our hearts and homes to take advantage of us and destroy what they can.

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