what happens when you ignore a narcissist?

When you choose to ignore the narcissist or go no contact with them, you’re going to get some kind of reaction and I want to bring some of those reactions to light today. Maybe you’re still with the narcissist and just thinking about leaving, or maybe you don’t know how they’re going to take it if you do leave, maybe you just want to know because you’re as fascinated by these predators as I am and you just want to learn more. Whatever, the case let’s go over how the narcissist responds to your lack of responses.

1 Thy are going to smear you

I probably don’t really talk as much about smear campaigns as I probably should, and I’m only going to briefly touch on it here. In short when you go no contact with a narcissist or stop talking to them for a certain period of time, you will get a smear campaign. Simply put the narcissist runs to anyone and everyone who will listen and put you on blast. Smear campaigns do just that they smear your name, this is where the narcissist makes you out to be the crazy one. The messed up one the liar, the cheater and essentially flips the script on what really happened between the two of you to best suit them.

Not only do they garner sympathy from people because of this, they use this to get new supply. Which we’re going to get to in a second here, they gossip about you and most damaging it can turn people against you if they believe the narcissist.

2 They are going to get new supply

When you’re out, don’t think the NARC is going to let their bed sheets cool down before somebody else comes along. In fact, the new person was probably in the picture long before you stepped out of it. The new supply is also going to get an earful about how shitty you are as the narcissist smears you which we just talked about. Typically, by way of sob stories to make the new supply feel bad for them, this kicks the new supply into the I have to fix you poor little Wounded Bird mode which the narcissist obviously loves. You’ll hear a lot from new supply, you’ll hear that a lot.

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