What Narcissists Say To Incriminate You

Deflection and projection are two techniques used by narcissists to remove blame or appear innocent while at the same time incriminating someone else. Deflection means to deviate from, or to turn or redirect. And this happens when the narcissist has made the wrong decision about something, is being accused of something, has failed or made a loss; in their minds, it has to be someone else’s fault, not theirs.

Therefore, they would try to convince you that they are not the cause or the issue and that the problem lies with you or someone else. So, they basically try to move the focus or blame off of them and direct it to someone or something else. Then there is projection, which happens when the narcissist takes their negativity and places it on others. So, instead of owning their negative traits or emotions, they prefer to accuse others of what they are guilty of.

For example, narcissists would lie and cheat but accuse their significant others of doing it. They also have a lot of envy and hate, but would accuse others of being envious or hateful towards them. Both Deflection and Projection are some of the narcissist’s defense mechanisms to protect their false image and ego. But today I will be dealing more with deception and how narcissists divert blame and faults onto others by making certain statements.

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