What Makes a Narcissist Unable To Sleep

Today, I will be addressing the sleep patterns of covert narcissists and how they affect their partners. But most importantly, I will be looking at the circumstances under which analysis finds it very difficult to sleep. This topic was inspired by one of my subscribers, Grant King. Thank you very much. So, let’s get into it and find out what makes the narcissist unable to sleep.

First off, you may be wondering if, due to their evilness, they sleep well at night. Well, some of them do most of the time, and for those who don’t sleep well, it’s not their evil deeds that end up keeping them awake. This is because narcissists are neither empathetic nor remorseful about the lies they tell or the people they hurt. There are narcissists who suffer from insomnia and some who don’t, but there are situations that can make any narcissist lose sleep.

But before I get into that, I have to mention that covert narcissists don’t like living or sleeping alone. Just having someone beside them offers relief to their fear-ridden minds. All covert narcissists are usually terribly exhausted at the end of the day because of all the posturing and faking that they’ve been doing. It takes a lot of thought and energy to pretend to be someone you’re not, so by the time they get home, they are shattered and of no use to their families.

Something else that all covert narcissists struggle with is being in the moment. Their minds are always going a thousand miles an hour. They overthink a lot. This is why they end up being paranoid and fearful. They convince themselves that this person watched them a certain way or that something someone said actually meant something else. It’s just a constant onslaught of unnecessary worry and analysis. They can also sometimes appear dazed out because they have gone off on a tangent in their minds. This is why it’s important that they always have something that they can work on, focus on, and even become obsessed with in order to block out a lot of the clutter that is in their minds. This is also why many are drawn to spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation, which help them learn to stay in the moment and empty their minds. But their overthinking is the reason why some narcissists suffer from insomnia because they are unable to calm their minds and relax. Their minds keep jumping from one thing to the next and going over the same things again, and eventually, their bodies even in, and they may fall asleep for a few hours, but before you know it, they are awake again, and the process continues.

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