What Happens When You Don’t Care What The Narcissist Thinks

The narcissist wants you to care for them and fear them at the same time. Fear is the stronghold that the narcissist wants in order to have complete control over someone else. And sometimes they manage to gain control over the lives and minds of certain individuals and have them live in fear of the narcissist. But narcissists are cowards, and sometimes they choose the wrong people to mess with. Today I have a few things that are done by those who just do not care what the narcissist thinks and don’t have time for their lies and antics. But even if you do just one from the upcoming list, it will be enough to make any narcissist uncomfortable and make it clear that you are not afraid of the narcissist or that you just do not care what they think about you.

The first thing on the list is that you don’t let them get away with it.

Whether you catch them in a lie or realize that they are being two-faced, manipulative, or fake, you are prepared to call them out on it. You are prepared to challenge them and let them know that you are not going to let any of their toxicity slide. Narcissists avoid people who are plain talkers and can see through their bull crap.

The second thing is to tell them no.

Narcissists hate being rejected or denied anything. Their sense of entitlement makes them have unrealistic expectations of others. Telling a narcissist, no usually angers them, and they can be very petty in their response, but if you hold your ground, they will have to leave you alone. As they prefer not to keep company with someone who does not serve them.

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