What Do Narcissists Do When A Relationship Ends?


A relationship can end for many reasons, but when it’s a normal relationship, both parties are usually willing to own up and be accountable for the role they played in the relationship coming to an end. And this is where relationships with narcissists are different because when a relationship ends with a narcissist, they are never at fault. So, what will narcissists do when a relationship ends? They will blame the other person for the relationship falling apart. Even if they try and appear reasonable and accept a small percentage, the onus will be on the other person. This is always the case, whether the narcissist discarded you or you discarded them. The other person is to blame, but never the narcissist.

The other person made things unbearable and that is why the narcissist had to discard them, or the other person was crazy and selfish and that is why they discarded the narcissist; the narrative is always the same. For some strange reason, the narcissist is the one who keeps ending up with partners or people who are not right or mentally unstable.

The narcissist is the good guy or the helpless victim, who can’t find someone to love them the way they deserve.

If you meet someone like this who blames all their exes for the relationship ending, that is a big red flag. In the mind of a narcissist, a relationship ending means someone is at fault, and they are determined that it will not be them even if it is. This is why narcissists slander their partners so that if the relationship ever ends, they have covered their backsides. Their story is already in place so that no one will ever look at them as the bad guys.

How To Make The Narcissist MISS YOU After Discard

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