7 Intimate Ways Narcissists Reject Their Partners

There are subtle and blatant things a narcissist can do to devalue someone. And when it comes to romantic relationships, the opportunities are endless. So, today I want to talk about some intimate rejections of the narcissist. I will expose some of the underhanded things that they do to their partners that are not usually talked about. These intimate rejections can happen during a silent treatment or even if there is no silent treatment. Because it is a fact that narcissists can be very moody, they can switch things up on you in an instant. They can go dark and very negative without any obvious external influences to blame. The narcissist then goes on to say and do things that are meant to push their partners away and even create conflict.

The interesting thing that stood out to me in preparing this topic is that a lot of these things I have done as well, but for different reasons. The narcissist does things to devalue and manipulate others, whereas I remember doing a lot of these same things in an attempt to protect myself. And the fact is that after someone has betrayed your trust, walls will go up in little ways because you realize that you are sleeping with the enemy.

Today I have seven intimate rejections from the narcissist that I want to get into. One of the most annoying things about some of these rejections is that they will do them for some time, then stop doing them and act like there was never an issue, and then start doing them again, and the cycle continues.

One of the first intimate rejections of the narcissist is no eye contact.

This I can’t look at you is done by the narcissist intentionally to show disrespect or to imply that what you are saying isn’t important. No longer are they interested in meeting your gaze or looking affectionately at you. And when they do look you in the eye, it is with annoyance or rage. The narcissist is simply trying to make you feel uncomfortable and make it clear that your presence bothers them.

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