Unspoken Rules of the Narcissistic Family

Narcissistic families do not operate the way functional, normal, loving families do! Families like mine have specific, unspoken rules, but everyone in the family is well aware of them. and today I’m going to explain the rules that govern a narcissist.

Today we are talking about the rules that govern a narcissistic family.

The first rule is that walking on eggshells is the norm.

If you have a narcissistic parent or parents, then you know what I’m talking about. You never know what kind of mood your narcissistic parent is going to be in from moment to moment. Therefore, you and everyone else in the house will be required to walk on eggshells, pins, and needles at all times. because you know that anything, absolutely anything, could set off the head narcissist at any time. So rule number one: get used to walking on eggshells.

The second rule is that loyalty is demanded and expected at all times, never earned!

Narcissistic families tend to operate as “us” against “them,” and they expect everyone in the family to be unconditionally loyal to them, regardless of how they have been treated or how they have treated someone else. You are to be 100% loyal and committed to the family unit, no matter what. So rule number two is: loyalty is demanded, never earned.

Rule number three: love in these families is completely conditional.

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