Top 8 Strategies ALL Narcissists Use to Escape Accountability for Their Lies and Abuse

Today we’re going to be talking about the top strategies and techniques used by all narcissists to escape accountability for their abuse. Trust me when I tell you that if you are not aware of these manipulation tactics, the chances are high that you will eventually succumb to them. This will result in you giving up on holding the narcissist accountable. These tactics are incredibly successful at confusing the victim and shifting the blame off of the narcissist and onto someone else, usually you. They can even make the victim believe that they are somehow responsible for what the narcissist is guilty of doing. This can result in deep feelings of despair, frustration, confusion, and even guilt or shame in the victim.

So, if you have ever wondered what manipulation tactics narcissists use to escape any form of accountability, today’s article is for you.

Today, we are talking about the top strategies and manipulation tactics all narcissists use on their victims to escape accountability for their lies and abuse. The first one we are going to talk about is called “word salad.” Word salad is a technique that narcissists use to confuse their victims by using a stream of nonsensical, disjointed, and sometimes contradictory words and phrases. Many times it includes irregular conversation patterns with constant changing of the subject. This strategy is among the most common manipulation tactics used when a narcissist is confronted with their lies and abusive behavior and wants to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

For example, when confronted, a narcissist might use word salad to change the subject, deflect blame, or create confusion and frustration. They might use long, convoluted sentences that are difficult to follow, or they might switch topics mid-conversation. They also use circular reasoning, making statements that appear to address the issue but actually say very little. Essentially, word salad is a form of conversational and linguistic gymnastics, and it’s beyond confusing. It’s meant to keep the listener off balance, and the goal is always to escape accountability.

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