Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Leave the Narcissist

We are going to talk about the best indicators that it is time to leave the narcissist or start planning your escape. Narcissistic abuse is incredibly damaging and harmful to a person’s self-esteem, self-respect, their ability to make decisions, their perceptions of reality, and how they view themselves, the world, and other people. The longer you are in a relationship with a narcissist, typically the harder it is to leave, and certainly, the more damage they are able to do to your self-esteem. And I’m not just talking about a romantic relationship with a narcissist; this could be a narcissistic parent, sibling, boss, or even a child. At a certain point, you have to take a long, hard look at your circumstances and decide if you are going to continue to allow this to go on or if you’re going to leave and go no contact or have limited detached contact.

So today, we are talking about signs and indicators that it’s time for you to call it quits with the narcissist in your life. Narcissistic abuse is insidious; it’s gradual and typically increases very slowly. The narcissist is conditioning and grooming you to accept more and more abuse over time. Eventually, there won’t be any more good times, and the abusive part of their personality is what you will be dealing with the majority of the time. Many times, because the narcissist has subjected us to such sophisticated levels of psychological abuse, we are confused about what reality is. The narcissist may have convinced us that we are the problem or that the abuse is our fault. Therefore, being confident that you should leave can be really confusing or even debilitating for a victim.

So today, I’m going to try to give you my top five signs that it’s time to leave:

1. Treats you with contempt and disgust: This might sound obvious to some people, but unfortunately, if you have been subjected to a lifetime of narcissistic abuse, being treated with contempt and disgust is likely a normal part of your day. However, when the narcissist starts treating you with this type of hatred, in my opinion, you have reached a level where there is no return. The damage that being treated with contempt and disgust does to a person’s self-esteem can be devastating. The reality is that the contempt they feel is for themselves, which they project onto you. However, the outcome is soul-crushing and spirit-destroying for the victim. No one deserves to be treated with contempt and disgust, ever. Period. So if this is how the narcissist is treating you, it’s time to start planning your exit.

When Will a Narcissist Leave You?

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