Top 11 Things to NEVER Do With A Narcissist

In today’s article, we are talking about things you should never, ever do with a narcissist. If you have a narcissist in your life, then today’s article is for you. I’m going to give you my top 11 things you should never do when dealing with a narcissist.

Number one: do not ever get involved with them financially.

Do not take money from them, do not loan money to them, do not co-sign a loan for them, or get into a loan with them because you will get screwed over. If the narcissist has money, then they will try to use that money to make you financially dependent on them so that they can control you. If the narcissist doesn’t have money, then they will try to exploit you financially by convincing you to loan them money or co-sign for a loan, and you will never see that money again, or your credit will be ruined. So, number one, do not ever get involved with a narcissist in anything that has to do with money. I promise you will regret it if you do.

Number two: don’t take the abuse and the nasty things they say to you or about you personally.

I know this is easier said than done, but the reality is that the things they say to us are actual projections about how they think and feel about themselves. As personal as it feels, it’s not personal. They would and will treat anyone the way they are treating you, given the opportunity. It’s not personal, and the last thing you need to do is internalize the things they do and say to you as truth or fact because they are neither of those things.

Number three: don’t tell them anything personal about your life or anything that they could use against you at a later date.

Keep your guard up at all times, and do not share intimate or sensitive information with them because they are storing up everything and anything you tell them to use against you at a later date. So, be very, very guarded with all topics of conversation and the things that you share with them.

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