This Will Make The Narcissist Obsessed With You

Today’s topic is all about when the narcissist cannot stop thinking about you and is inclusive of all narcissists, whether it is a narcissistic parent, friend, co-worker, another family member, or romantic partner.

But first, I want to address the fact that narcissists tend to leave people trauma-bonded and without closure. Therefore, they leave them in a state of distress and unable to move on from the narcissist. unable to stop thinking about the narcissist, the relationship they had, and where it may have all gone wrong.

And it is a struggle for some victims of narcissistic abuse to break that mental hold that the narcissist has. But ruminating about the narcissist and the past is not going to get you anywhere; it will just leave you stuck. You just keep thinking about what you should have or could have done differently, which then leads to you doubting and blaming yourself, and then it is just a downward spiral of dealing with a lot of negative emotions, along with depression and anxiety. And by allowing all this, the narcissist is still, in a way, controlling you. Because they are living in your head for free and breaking you down without even needing to be around.

So, I wrote this article some time ago to try and help those who can’t get the narcissist out of their heads. I know everything takes time, but you have to be consciously working towards letting go of stuff that’s keeping you back and incorporating new habits or activities that can push you forward. But today’s article is about when the narcissist is the one who cannot stop thinking about you. How does something like this happen?

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