This Will Help To Drive Away Narcissists

Narcissists can be difficult to eradicate from your life completely. But there are a few ways you can go about getting the narcissist to leave you alone or just manage their presence in your life.

The most popular one is to be unbothered, which means not caring about what the narcissist says or does. It’s all about showing complete disinterest. Using a word like “whatever” in response to a narcissist will infuriate them because it shows them that you don’t care, and the narcissist wants you to care. Because when someone cares, they can get a reaction from them. And when someone cares about the narcissist, then they can manipulate them.

So, they need you to care, and that is why having an attitude of just being unbothered will cause the narcissist to not want to be around you. There is no point if they cannot get the reaction they want. You can also just make it clear that you are busy or don’t have time. All these responses will anger the narcissist because they want your time. They want you to engage them and entertain them. They want you to validate them, complement them, and gossip with them. Narcissists love a good gossip, but don’t be that person who generally entertains them. Just giving closed answers like “yes,” “no,” or “okay” should do the trick. Just try and be as abrupt as you can without divulging too much and, depending on the setting, being able to not appear rude or disrespectful either.

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