This Triggers The Narcissist To Come Back

The second thing that can cause a Narcissist to wander back to an old supply is if they need help. Things have not worked out for them, and you may be the only one who can help them. Narcissists are the type of people who will only contact you when they want something. They are not interested in you or your well-being. They only remember you when they need a favor. And they are very good at playing the victim role, so you have to be prepared to turn off that emotional tap and not allow them to pull at your heartstrings. Narcissists are users! They will use you then drop you. And as I expressed in this article it is never a good idea to save a narcissist or help a narcissist as they will turn around and reward you with evil.

 The third thing that can cause a Narcissist to come back or seek you out is if they have heard of your success or achievements. If the Narcissist gets whiff that life is going really well for you, they will want to come around for a few reasons. 1. To see if it is true and 2. To get what they can from you or to cause chaos in your life. Your success can be in relationships, work, or some personal development. But your success is a clear sign that life is better without the Narcissist. And you haven’t allowed their departure to keep you down.

The fact is, that Narcissists hate it when others are doing better than them. Their envy consumes them and the very thought of your happiness and success irritates them. So, they may come back with all smiles trying to play it nice hoping that you will give them another chance. But it is just another chance for them to ruin you and bring misery to your life.

When Will a Narcissist Leave You?

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