This Is What Silence Does To The Narcissist

What happens when you flip the script? Go silent and ignore the narcissist? So many things And in my view, it’s a good way to go if you actually want to rid yourself of all the pain, drama, and trauma once and for all.

The power of silence

 Now, the truth is, the power of silence is often seriously overlooked and underrated. And when it comes to dealing with a destructive narcissist, it can actually be your best friend and most powerful weapon, as well as a very effective self-care strategy. Make no mistake, friends, choosing not to engage with a toxic person is an act of self-care. It’s not always easy, I know, but when you’re able to, more often than not, it’s going to be your best option.

Now, that said, keep in mind that when we’re talking about people who land on the spectrum of destructive narcissism, we are quite literally talking about people who are energy vampires. That’s fundamentally what’s going on when you’re enmeshed in, or working to break free from, a relationship with a narcissistic person. And this is never more true than when you’re an empath with little to no codependency recovery under your belt. You feel completely drained and depleted, quite frankly, because you are.

The truth is that narcissistic people thrive on intensity, drama, and emotional chaos, as well as your fear, pain, anxiety, confusion, and discomfort, which is why they smugly smile whenever they think they’ve succeeded in upsetting you.

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