This Happens When The Narcissist Wants YOU

Today I want to talk about when the narcissist wants you to be the one. Whether they try to convince you that you are their soulmate, their twin flame, or whatever new terms exist to signify that they were made for you, or just the right person for you. because narcissists live for the chase. They are predators, and when it comes to romantic relationships, they love a bit of a challenge. And the harder they work to win you over, the more they require from you.

Narcissists do nothing for free. So, on every dinner date, every gift, their time, etc., they will want it all back and with interest. Narcissists live their lives with the mindset that whatever they do or give someone, they expect returns, and they expect big returns.

So, when the narcissist sets out to convince someone that they are their soulmate or the one, it means the narcissist has made up their mind to invest time, money, and whatever else they or need in the hopes of getting it all back and more. But what exactly is entailed in convincing someone that they are the one?

Well, for narcissists, it means that they intend to study you. When they study you, they learn your likes, dislikes, and beliefs, but they also want to know your desires, your dreams, and your secrets.

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