Top 5 Things Narcissists WORRY About

Today we are talking about the top five most common things that narcissists worry about. Yes, there are some things that narcissists really and truly worry about. Let’s dig in.

The first thing they worry about is rejection.

Rejection can feel like death to a narcissist, and they will do anything to avoid it. This is one of the main reasons they wear a mask that covers up their true selves. That mask, by the way, and how they behave can change from target to target. Narcissists are very good at sizing people up, figuring out what a person likes and dislikes, if they’re shy or extroverted, basically anything and everything they can. They do this so that they can mirror it back to the target or targeted group of people to get into their good graces and hopefully their lives, or whatever it is they intend to exploit this specific person or group for.

However, if they fail to accomplish this, they will immediately psychologically split and put this person or group into the “bad,” “stupid,” “worthless” group and move on to targeting somebody else. If they are in a romantic relationship and their partner decides that they want out, this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to get the narcissist to leave them alone and go away. They will try everything not to be rejected, including lying, gaslighting, love bombing, flattering, etc. If that does not work, they will degrade that person, threaten that person, lie about that person, and go on a smear campaign against that person so that they can rewrite the narrative into one where they are the one who rejected you because you’re so crazy or have some disgusting character flaw. Usually, it’ll be something that they themselves are guilty of doing to you. But they will definitely worry and stress over any form of rejection.

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