There is No Mystery Behind The Confusion Narcissists Bring

Narcissistic relationships can be confusing. After all, it is the aim of the narcissist to create this confusion. By the end, you are left shaken and bewildered, wondering what really happened and blaming yourself in the process. Well, today, I want to unravel the mystification behind the narcissist and their behaviors. I want to explore why it seems like narcissists are difficult to understand and why some people end up blaming themselves for a relationship with a narcissist that fell apart.

Today, I have a few reasons why romantic narcissistic relationships can seem so confusing. My focus is on romantic relationships, but some of the reasons can apply to any type of narcissistic relationship. First of all, please know that it is natural to want to try to understand who you were dealing with, the reasons why you may feel guilty, and what really happened. There is nothing wrong with trying to gain some clarity on the situation. So, by the end of this aticle, you should hopefully realize that narcissists are not super smart. It was not entirely your fault, and you are not foolish for having had this negative experience.

One of the first reasons why a narcissistic relationship may have left you dumbfounded is the simple fact that you may have never met anyone like them before. As a normal, empathetic being, it may have been your first time coming so close to someone who is so deceptive, cold, manipulative, controlling, and just plain evil. You may have been someone who believed that there is good in everyone, and it may still be a hard pill to swallow, accepting that such levels of degeneracy exist. But I’m here to confirm that it does, and it is not your fault for not knowing. Narcissists work hard to deceive people into believing they are good people. Narcissists also specialize in targeting good people to manipulate and control. In this article, I elaborate on why this happens and what can be done. But basically, your empathetic, good nature is something narcissists are drawn to. You are everything the narcissist is not, but instead of cherishing and appreciating what they may have found in you, they foolishly look to destroy it.

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