The Progressive Deterioration of the Narcissist

Today, I want to talk about the Progressive Deterioration of the Narcissist. Because to some, all they see when they look at the Narcissist is a successful person who has it all. Their charm and confidence usually grant them access to numerous opportunities and relationships. Some acquire tremendous success in their careers or businesses and live a life that many can only dream of. Whatever money can buy, they try to get hold of it one way or another. They live their lives thinking only about themselves and what or who they can acquire next.

To those looking on from the outside, the Narcissist may seem to have the perfect life. But with Narcissists, nothing is ever as it seems. Narcissists are the great pretenders and some of the biggest liars you will ever encounter. Therefore, they may not have as much wealth as they pretend to have. And in many cases, they are not happy with their lives. The highs they get from their successes or accomplishments are short-lived before they go chasing after something new. Their envious nature, ingratitude, and discontent make them very spiteful and miserable people. And they do not seem to learn from certain life experiences. The only things they wish to improve are things that will refine their fake image, generate more money, and acquire more people to control. They are open to learning new ways to manipulate; their lies become more ridiculous, and they become pettier and blatantly ungrateful. As a result, Narcissists only get worse with time.

How Time Affects The Narcissist:

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