The Narcissist’s Response To Losing Control

Today I want to jump right into the topic of What happens when the Narcissist loses control over someone. How do they cope? How are they likely to respond? Because it is a fact that Narcissists are obsessed with having as much control as possible over as many people as possible.

Control is everything to the Narcissist. And many Narcissists do not achieve control by force but rather deception. They plant themselves in people’s lives and work on gaining trust, love and attention. They seek for people to become emotionally invested in them. Because if there is an emotional attachment, then they can work on manipulating those emotions. And if a Narcissist can control your emotions, then they can control you. They will be the one deciding when you should be happy, mad or sad and with whom.

Meaning not only do they try to control you as an individual but also how you interact with others and how others interact with you. They are pulling all these strings and planting seeds of discord as they enjoy the confusion and drama. So, when someone detaches themselves from a Narcissist and are able to cut any emotional ties this makes the Narcissist uncomfortable, annoyed and angry the longer you remain unreachable to them.

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