The Narcissist’s Hidden Side

Narcissists are always hiding something. These people are not honest, not trustworthy, and far from being genuine. They have many masks that they wear in order to get people to like them or feel sorry for them. And apart from their evil side, there’s still yet another side to the narcissist that is usually kept hidden from the world. And it has a lot to do with the narcissist’s pride that they keep this part of themselves hidden.

Narcissists have three main faces that many people see depending on the relationship they have with the narcissist. And that is the face of a victim, the face of a hero, and their true evil face. But there is another face, and it is one that some of them manage to keep hidden for most of their lives. This side of the narcissist is always there behind the many masks that they wear. It is there when they play the hero, the victim, or even when they reveal their darker side.

We need to remember that narcissists are unhappy, selfish, miserable beings who cannot find satisfaction in their achievements or relationships. As a result, despite their best efforts to pretend to be happy or successful, they secretly suffer from depression. But more specifically, what is known as “hidden depression” because there are no observable symptoms. That is why we have to remember that narcissists are great pretenders, and nothing is ever as it seems.

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