The Narcissistic Lexicon: 10 Words They Can’t Stop Saying (and Why)

Ever felt like someone’s charm dial was cranked up to eleven, yet something just felt…off? Chances are, you might have crossed paths with a narcissist. These captivating, yet emotionally draining individuals have a distinct way with words. But it’s not just flowery compliments or grand pronouncements. It’s a subtle dance of self-aggrandizement and manipulation, woven through a specific set of vocabulary choices.

So, what lurks beneath the surface of a narcissist’s speech? Let’s dive into the top 10 words they can’t seem to shake:

1. “Me, Myself, and I”:

The holy trinity of narcissism. Expect a constant barrage of personal pronouns, highlighting their achievements, opinions, and desires. It’s their world, and you’re just living in it.

2. “Perfect”:

A narcissist’s self-image is often inflated and fragile. They crave flawlessness, both in themselves and their surroundings. So, prepare for a steady stream of “perfect” situations, relationships, and, of course, themselves.

3. “Special”:

10 Most Used Words by Narcissists

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