The Narcissist Uses This To Get What They Want

Whether we like it or not, narcissists seem to be gifted with the art of persuasion or what some might call the gift of gab, which is the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with words. I am not saying only a narcissist has the gift of gab, so if you have that gift, you are not necessarily a narcissist. But what I am saying is that all narcissists seem to have this gift, and they use it to take advantage of others.

The Gift of Gab allows narcissists to be able to deceive and manipulate others into doing what they want to do. Narcissists are very clever talkers, even those who don’t talk much. When they do, they have no problem making themselves understood and getting the desired outcome.

Narcissists can talk their way out of many tight situations. They can talk people into doing things they don’t usually do or simply get someone to do something that they want them to do. Narcissists can be very persuasive. This gift, so to speak, is what has trapped many innocent victims in their toxic web of lies.

With their words, they can convince you that they love you, that they care, that they will never hurt you, or that they have never cheated or lied. The tongue is a very deadly weapon in the mouth of a narcissist. With their words, they are able to deceive, manipulate, gaslight, and abuse. But also, with their words, they can charm and seduce people into believing what they want them to believe. With their art of persuasion, they get jobs, promotions, general success, and relationships.

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