The MOST Destructive Symptom from Narcissistic Abuse and how to heal it?

Destructive symptoms that victims struggle with who are trying to recover from narcissistic abuse and the complex trauma that results from the abuse. Today we’re going to talk about ruminating thoughts about trauma and how to overcome them.

First, let me define rumination and ruminating thoughts. Ruminations are ruminating; which simply means we are thinking about the same things over and over and over again… People who have been exposed to long-term narcissistic abuse have suffered a very real and substantial trauma. Ruminating thoughts are a consequence of experiencing trauma, so ruminating thoughts tend to be intrusive and all-consuming, and they are very hard to stop.

On top of that, each time we have the same thought, it fortifies a neural pathway in our brains. The more we have the same thought, the stronger and more pronounced the pathway in the brain becomes, and what ends up happening is that the ruminating thoughts we are having become the strongest pathways in the brain.

 As a result, they can frequently become the only thoughts we have simply because we have had them over and over again. And the reality is that when you are ruminating about the trauma you have lived through, it can become the only thing that you think about simply because you have thought about it repeatedly.

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