Six Things The Narcissist Says About Their Ex

Today, I want to talk about what Narcissists say about their exes, but some of this is relatable to friendships and other Narcissistic relationships as well. What is important to remember is that Narcissists are liars. They love to slander, gossip, and above all, they love to project their negative traits onto others. So, when a relationship ends with a Narcissist, they usually have a few choice words to say about their exes. Some of what they say depends on who discarded whom, but some statements they make remain consistent.

So, if you have a Narcissistic ex, not only do they talk about you with their current or future partners, but some of the things they say may surprise you. What they say is not limited to their new partner; they share it with whoever will listen. If you are unfortunate enough to still be around the Narcissist and know who they are dating, you will understand why their new partner seems to hate you or does not like you. You will also understand why, when you try to explain to others that it is the Narcissist who was at fault, they may not believe you because they may have heard it all before from the Narcissist, but with you cast as the perpetrator. This is what I tried to explain in this article. The smearing begins long before the relationship ends. What the Narcissist says when you discard them.

But let’s first look at what they are likely to say when you are the one who discarded them. There are mainly two statements they are likely to make, depending on what they are trying to achieve. If the Narcissist wants you back, they are likely to be telling people that you were the love of their life, how devastated they are for losing you, and that they would do anything to get you back, etc. Of course, the Narcissist loves no one, but it is important that they get you back only so that they can discard you. So, they are likely to do and say things that will hopefully get you to consider taking them back. But the Narcissist’s intentions are for evil. They don’t want you back to treat you better, so no matter how much they declare love for you, do not fall for their pleas to give them another chance. They want you back to do more damage and to be the one to cast you aside.

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