10 Reasons Why Narcissists Avoid $EX With Their Partner

Have you ever wondered why some narcissists are reluctant to engage intimately with their partners? Well, get ready; here are the top 10 reasons why narcissists avoid making love with their partners. Let’s dive into the minds of narcissists.

1. Narcissists don’t find their partners attractive anymore.

Imagine a situation where a narcissist is in a relationship. Initially, they might have been attracted to their partner, or at least appeared to be because of their ego. Narcissists like the attention and validation they receive from being with someone attractive or successful. However, as time goes on, the novelty of the relationship wears off, and the narcissist’s intense need for constant validation may lead them to lose interest in their partner’s appearance. Narcissists might start devaluing their partners, finding faults or flaws, projecting their insecurities onto them, or withholding intimacy in s*e*x.

2. Narcissists have a lot of s*e*xual partners.  

Having multiple s*e*xual partners could be one way for narcissists to boost their egos. It’s like a validation buffet. Experts have observed that narcissists often enjoy engaging in s*e*xual experiences with various people because it gives them a rush of feeling desired. Psychologists suggest that this behavior could be rooted in their deep-seated need for constant validation and reassurance of their self-worth. Since narcissists prioritize their desires and needs, they might not find the same satisfaction and assurance with just one person. Narcissists might feel bored or unsatisfied in a long-term relationship where the center of attention does not revolve around them. Of course, not every narcissist behaves the same way, and individual differences always come into play. Some may engage in serial monogamy, hopping from one relationship to another. In contrast, others may prefer a more open or non-monogamous arrangement to fulfill their validation needs.

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