Proof You’re Designed to Win as a Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, you are designed for mega success. You have the resources to achieve great things in your life. You possess the innate potential and capacity to achieve whatever you desire. This is not just dry motivation; I am not here to merely motivate you. Instead, I will provide proof to back up what I am saying so that you recognize your power, unlike a narcissist, and realize how unlimited you can be.

What are the Main Ingredients of Success?

What does one need to do or how does one need to behave to live their purpose? In my opinion, perseverance is essential. One must keep going; that is the spirit needed to overcome all obstacles. Consider your history for a second. What haven’t you overcome? What haven’t you been through? You were psychologically tortured, physically isolated, emotionally abused, and financially destroyed. Yet, here you are, still standing and listening to me. Even though at times you felt like giving up, you did not. What does that make you? Resilient. You have the skill of perseverance and the ability to face tough times. When it comes to achieving success and making a difference in others’ lives, you need this skill. You have it all within you.

What Makes a Narcissist PANIC and Lose Control

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