13 Phrases Narcissists Hate

Anyone who’s dealt with a narcissist will tell you that you’ll need to be careful about what you say around them. This is because it can be pretty easy to upset a narcissist with phrases that they hate, and these phrases could start an argument with them fairly quickly. These are usually arguments you will want to avoid due to narcissists’ nasty and potentially violent tendencies. You’ll likely want to use these thirteen phrases that narcissists hate sparingly and strategically. This way you only use them to your advantage when you really need to.

 Here are the 13 phrases that narcissists hate.

 Be sure to make it to number one, because it’s one of the most surprising phrases that tick narcissists off that we have ever seen.

 Number 13: We can agree to disagree. Psychologists, therapists, and other psychology experts often explain that narcissists usually love to be right in every single situation. Well, this is definitely true, and telling a narcissist that you do not agree with them is a sure way to get them pretty annoyed. This is especially true if you tell them this in front of other people or in a public setting. Unfortunately, this is even true if you say this to them in a nice way. Although the average mentally stable person will not become enraged upon hearing the phrase “we can agree to disagree”, a narcissist definitely could.

Number 12: That’s not true. Although narcissists love to always be right, they also have the tendency to lie about things and gaslight people. These lies could potentially be about silly things that don’t really matter that much or about things that are truly very important. However, a narcissist definitely won’t like it if you call them out for lying, especially if there are other people around. This can be made even more upsetting to a narcissist if they are called out of a lie that would’ve manipulated someone into doing what they want, even if that person is you. That being said, saying that something the narcissist said isn’t true is likely to get a rise out of them in almost every situation.

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