Weird Behaviors After Being Raised And How To Stop Them

You may exhibit strange habits as a result of being raised by a narcissistic mother or father. There’s a legitimate cause for this, as well as a technique to repair it so it doesn’t happen again.

You feel like a frayed ball of nerves if you’re still in contact with them and being controlled by them. The issue is that when you’re always under attack, you never get a chance to heal in between attacks.

A narcissistic mother enjoys keeping her children on their toes. You’re constantly second-guessing yourself and don’t have time to relax or make your own decisions. Dealing with this type of parent is exhausting and frustrating. There is never an end to the fighting and conflict. They’re always trying to steal your happiness or create difficulties where none exist.

Now, I don’t talk much about narcissistic fathers since they’re their own brand of insane. However, because ALL narcissists follow the same patterns and do similar mental harm to children, there are numerous parallels.

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