10 Reasons Narcissists Want to Erase You

Why do narcissists want to erase you? Narcissists are egocentric beings; they do not care about deep bonds or any sort of emotional connections. As long as you or any person benefits them, they stick to you or that person. Otherwise, narcissists will erase you or such a person from their lives. In some instances, narcissists may even erase your individuality or identity, forcing it to conform to their narcissistic standards.

Read until the end as I break down 10 reasons narcissists may want to erase you:

1. Because narcissists are jealous of you:

You may feel jealous upon seeing narcissists exhibit themselves as somebody overflowing with confidence. However, narcissists are even more jealous of you. Deep within, narcissists want to be like you or have what you have. Worse yet, narcissists show no remorse for talking and robbing you of the things you have just so they can have it themselves. They will try to erase you by degrading you in all shapes and forms possible. Narcissists want you to not co-exist with them because you are a constant reminder of what they lack.

2. Because you know the narcissist’s deepest secret:

Secrecy is a narcissist’s cup of tea as it conceals their crooked ways of dealing with things. Secrets, for narcissists, are like carpets that only cover but beautify broken tiled floors. They cannot stand you or other people knowing about any of their secrets. If you happen to unmask a narcissist, you become somebody they want to get rid of. It does not matter how long you have known each other or what relationship you might have shared. So long as you know the narcissist’s secret, expect yourself to be a target.

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