Narcissist’s Favorite Sayings

Do you know what a narcissist’s favorite sayings are? By the end of this article, you’re going to know what their favorite sayings are and what they mean when they say them.

Remember that a narcissist likes to devalue, likes to judge, likes to put people down, and likes to make sure that everyone in the room knows that they’re better than you.

What’s going on inside a narcissist is that they feel smaller than everyone else. They have no inner sense of value. They’re actually scared. That’s the biggest secret of all. You are the stronger one. You are the more secure one. But they want you to think that you’re not; they want to project everything they can onto you. If you want to know more about how they devalue and deny things,.

Number one is that you interrupted me or didn’t let me finish what I was saying.

This is a great way for the narcissist to deflect and to make sure that you are devalued. Whatever point it is you’re trying to make, you interrupted them, and so now the conversation comes back to all about them. They’re no longer having a conversation about whatever it is that you were trying to say. It’s all about that you interrupted, that you didn’t let them finish, that their point was much more important than whatever it is that you have to say, and now you’re off on that tangent about that you were interrupted, or maybe it’s that they didn’t like the tone of how you said it or that you brought it up at that point. Whatever it is, they’re going to come up with some reason that the point that you’re trying to make at this moment doesn’t have any value because of the way you presented it, or how you presented it, or when you presented it, or that you interrupted, or whatever it is. It’s a way of actually saying that whatever you said doesn’t matter right now.

The second thing is, just because I didn’t.

Making the conversation about themselves

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