How Narcissists Use Money To Manipulate and Exploit People

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the narcissist and money. How do they use money? How do they view money? How do they use the money to manipulate other people? And are the ways overt and covert narcissists use money different. Remember, the name of the game for narcissists is to gain control and power over their victims, and money is one of the most powerful tools narcissists have at their disposal to manipulate abuse and control other people.

so today, we are talking about money and the narcissist.

First, let me just say that narcissists, all narcissists love money, they want money; they love spending money; they love the power that they have because they have money, and if they don’t have money, then they will want to take your money, all narcissists love money.

One reason they love money so much is that narcissists are primarily focused on their image and portraying themselves as special and superior. To narcissists, money and material wealth are much more important than personal growth and organic happiness. Narcissists are incredibly shallow individuals and they are consumed by their image; they are consumed with how they look to the outside world. Put it this way, narcissists are consumed with what is on the outside and care very little about what is on the inside of them.

They don’t focus on being a good person or concern themselves with striving to be a person of character and kindness. Their focus is usually solely on their image. Besides obtaining a narcissistic supply, nothing is more important to a narcissist than to gain money or be associated with people who have money.

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