It’s in the Narcissist’s Nature to Lie About Everything

It’s a fact that narcissists are pathological liars. They tell little white lies; they tell big lies; they tell lies by omission, which is leaving important details out so that you do not know the full truth of a matter.

Basically, narcissists have no issues with telling lies about themselves or others. It comes naturally or easily to them. But you need to be aware of the full extent to which they will go when it comes to trying to convince you to believe a lie.

Narcissists can stoop very low in order to deceive someone, so my aim is to expose some of their tactics today.

So, today I want to look at some of the things a narcissist would say and do in order to try and convince you to believe their lies. It is important to note that narcissists are expert liars and can remain cool, calm, and collected while telling you a hundred untruths. So, sometimes you cannot rely on trying to read their body language, looking for any signs of nervousness or fidgeting, because many are not uncomfortable when it comes to spouting their lies. When telling you a big, bald-faced lie, narcissists will act in four distinct ways.

For example, you have proof that they have cheated, but they still deny it. Or they want to convince you that they have changed and are going to do better. Basically, I’m referring to the important lies that they tell to save their skin or to keep a source of supply they are not ready to let go of. Also, the lies they tell gaslight you and make you doubt your sanity.

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