If You Keep Your Silent Against Narcissists, Here’s What They’ll Do To You

If you keep your mouth shut against narcissists, here’s what they’ll do to you.

What will they do if you don’t say anything and stop paying attention to the narcissists? Narcissists are master manipulators, and you may find it difficult to communicate your feelings in a healthy way if you choose to remain silent when confronted by one.

For starters, narcissists often feel threatened by people who challenge their egos. They’re prone to putting people down in an effort to neutralize the threat and prop up their ego. You must remember that these people are manipulative, and you need to keep your distance. It can be difficult to end a relationship with a narcissist, but keeping your distance is crucial. They will attempt to bait you with false promises that aren’t worth the effort, so you must be firm with your decision. The thing is, even when you did explain yourself to them, the narcissist’s response was not what you expected. They never cared about your feelings when you were upset, when you felt betrayed, or when you thought they were being nasty to you. They never tried to fix the situation, and not even once did they try to work with you at all. It was a waste of time spending your attention, energy, and focus on someone who doesn’t realize the value of what you have to offer. They would just blame you for every bad thing that happened and accuse you of being selfish for expressing your emotions and telling them how you felt.

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