How to Know if a Narcissist Is Done with You

They exhibit no feelings.

Once you’re committed in the relationship, a narcissist removes their emotional fa├žade. They were really endearing and engaging at first. In fact, the quantity of attention they were providing you might have even made you feel overburdened. Narcissists employ this technique, known as “love-bombing,” to control their partners in the early stages of a relationship. After you have given everything you have, the narcissist discards you.

Did you think their first adoration was too much? Did they pressure you into making a decision? These are typical love-bombing telltale indicators.

Don’t berate yourself for becoming engrossed in their actions. Human nature makes us want to feel attractive and desired. The reason why love-bombing works is because it capitalizes on our humanity.

They continually criticize you.

When narcissists are prepared to move on, they make you feel inadequate. Nothing you do will be good enough towards the end of a narcissist’s abusive cycle, and they will use any chance to denigrate you. They frequently focus on a fictitious flaw or a minor error you committed and exaggerate it greatly. Sooner or later, all you hear from a narcissist is criticism.

In order to boost their own self-esteem, narcissists disparage others. They want you to lose confidence in yourself because if they can’t, you can’t either. Refuse to believe their bogus story. 

It’s all your fault, they say.

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