How To Change Your Routine To Become A Morning Person?


Staying up late at night and getting used to doing what we want to accomplish in the evening, and sleeping all day long is a common complaint about many of us, and this complaint is because this routine causes long-term physical and psychological damage. But on the contrary, waking up early and starting your day actively, and sleeping early gives you many physical and psychological benefits, and feeling the blessing of time that we miss in the evening life, which we are used to, and for the sake of “Supramama” for your safety, here are some tips for you to Transformation into a morning person.

Go to bed early

One of the first, obvious steps to becoming a morning person is to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, so you can wake up early the next morning.

Make plans for the morning

Always be sure to motivate yourself to wake up early, make plans for the morning you want to implement and go to bed early, so you can implement it actively, and also link your morning with daily habits, such as doing some exercise, watching TV, or any activity you prefer.

Forget the snooze button in the alarm

the snooze button is one reason for your inactivity, as it strains your mind, and every time you press the button to get 5 extra minutes of sleep, you find you woke up hours later, perhaps, cut your relationship with the snooze button and get out of your bed when you hear the alarm to start Your day.

Fix your bedtime.

If you fix your bedtime dear and wake up from sleep, your body will get used to that, and then you find you wake up early with no trouble.

Wash your face immediately after waking up.

Washing the face in the morning as soon as you wake up works miracles, as it helps you start your day with full energy and vitality.

Wash your face after getting out of bed immediately to start your day refreshed and energized.

Make sure that the sun’s rays enter your room.

Bringing the sun’s rays into your room in the morning will help you not to go to sleep again, and the sun also provides you with the energy you need to start your day actively.

When you wake up from sleep, remove the room’s curtains and let the sun’s rays penetrate the place.

Dress in elegant clothes in the morning

Choose clothes you like and elegant to wear in the morning, even if you will be at home all day.

Make yourself a healthy and delicious breakfast

Reward yourself for waking up early, make yourself a delicious breakfast, and sit back and eat it peacefully on your balcony or your favorite spot.

Seize an afternoon nap

The afternoon nap helps keep your day in order enables you to go to bed early and wake up in the morning actively.

 Take an afternoon nap if you can.

Follow a nighttime routine to relax before bedtime before going to sleep, prepare yourself the atmosphere to relax, so that you can sleep in peace, and avoid drinking caffeinated drinks in the evening, such as tea, coffee, and caffeine, because they stimulate the body and mind and cause tension, and go for a walk or exercise Light a few hours before bed, as this helps you to clear your mind of tension, and eat a light dinner, as this helps you sleep comfortably and calmly.

Get enough sleep

Make sure that you prepare your room for sleep first, and then go to sleep, and make sure that your daily sleep hours are not less than eight hours, to ensure a calm and deep sleep, and not to feel tired and exhausted in the morning.

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