What is an Example of Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where an individual manipulates another to doubt their reality, memory, or perceptions. It’s a covert and manipulative behavior that can lead to long-term emotional and psychological consequences.

Common Techniques of Gaslighting

Gaslighting manifests in various ways, each designed to confuse the victim and gain more control. Here are some common tactics:

  • Denial of Reality: Insisting that certain events never occurred or that specific details were never said, even when confronted with evidence.
  • Discrediting the Victim’s Feelings: Telling the victim they are too sensitive, overreacting, or misinterpreting the situation.
  • Contradictory Statements and Actions: Making promises or statements and later denying them, which confuses the victim and makes them doubt their memory.
  • Withholding and Avoidance: Pretending not to understand the victim or refusing to listen to their concerns.

These techniques often leave the victim feeling isolated and unsure of what to believe. For deeper understanding of gaslighting in intimate settings, consider reading more on Choosing Therapy, which explores manipulative behavior through various examples.

Examples of Gaslighting

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