Today we’re talking about how a victim can truly beat the narcissist at their own game. First of all, let’s talk about some ways that many victims think they can beat the narcissist that never works. Many victims think that beating the narcissist is to get them to understand that they are indeed a narcissist and that they have a severe personality disorder. By educating them, they will see the light and change, which will never happen. Or if they explain to the narcissist how damaging and painful it is for them and others to be subjected to their toxic behavior, and how it deeply hurts them, unfortunately, that won’t work either. Sometimes a victim may think that if they can just get the narcissist to see how worthy they are and how lucky the narcissist is to be with someone like them, the narcissist will understand and stop their horrible, toxic, and abusive behavior. But please hear me now, none of those things will ever work.

What you must understand and remember is that narcissists know what they are doing. They know that their behavior hurts the people in their life whom they claim to love. They know all of these things, but the truth is, they don’t care. If you hear nothing else from me, please hear this: the narcissist does not care that their behavior hurts and harms you. They know what they’re doing is wrong, and they do not care. They genuinely believe that they are entitled to behave in any way they see fit. In fact, for the higher spectrum narcissists, such as malignant narcissists, sharing these things with them will not only not work, but it gives them more information on things they can do in the future to hurt, harm, and make you suffer even more than they are already causing. Absolutely none of those things will ever get the narcissist to change.

So, in knowing this, how can the victim actually beat the narcissist? Let’s first talk about what narcissists enjoy the most where a primary source of narcissistic supply is concerned. They enjoy and need the narcissistic supply that you provide them, whether that’s positive supply in the form of your love, adoration, and praise, or negative supply in the form of your heartbreak, pain, terror, or humiliation. Both positive and negative supply that you provide them is your attention, which makes them feel powerful and special, and that’s the name of the game for all narcissists.

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