How The Narcissist Views Your Silence

Now, if you think about it, what it does mean is a sort of rejection, isn’t it? You’re rejecting a person. You’re rejecting the narcissist because what you’re doing is you’re not showing any sort of emotional regard, any attention, any focus on this person. Now, you’ve got to understand that rejection and abandonment is one of the narcissist’s core wounds. So, it’s going to trigger them hard. It’s going to hurt them really badly, the fact that you have removed yourself from this person, that you are no longer interested in them at all, no matter what is going on, whether they’re good or bad to you. You’re like, ‘Done.'”

This is going to trigger the narcissist, and so they’re going to hate this because this is going to expose all of this. This is all going to come up, okay, and they’re going to be thinking, ‘Okay, you know, like, how am I going to get this person back?’ At first, it will all be about revenge. It will be about hatred. It will be about annoyance because what they do is they externalize. They’re never going to think, ‘Oh, you know, like, maybe I’ve caused this person to think this, or maybe I have caused this person to react like this, or maybe it’s my actions.’ They’re going to externalize the blame and basically put it on you.”

So, there’s going to be animosity. There’s going to be so much annoyance. This is why they initiate the smear campaign because they’re like, ‘Oh, you know, we’ve got to put that person down because what you have done is you have exposed them, and you have triggered them to their core. Their core wound is abandonment and rejection, so when someone is triggered to that point, they don’t want to show it. They want to deflect.

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