How The Narcissist Takes Over Your Brain

Today’s article will be exposing another tactic of the Narcissist to control your mind. This article is more about friends and romantic partners that the Narcissist may be trying to win. And I am specifically focusing on the Covert Narcissist. Because Covert Narcissists do not really discriminate when it comes to where they get their Narcissistic Supply.

The only difference is that they are happy to showcase some of their supplies more than others. Therefore, they love to target people who are smart, attractive and successful mainly to show off. They want people to see them affiliated with certain types of people. They want to garner the benefits of what being associated with people like this can do for them and their reputation. Not only do they secretly hope that this person’s success and influence will rub off on them, but they also start looking for opportunities to take away what these people have. But why do smart and successful people fall for Narcissists? Why does anyone?

There are a few factors that can make someone a Narcissist magnet which is something I talked about in this article. But the focus was more on our lack of self-love, low self-esteem, etc. Whereas today, pushing all that aside, there is another level to the Narcissist’s manipulation that can cause anyone to fall for them. Because someone’s level of success or intelligence on its own cannot save them from a Narcissist.

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