How Narcissists Tell on Themselves

When it comes to friendships and romantic relationships with narcissists, it is very likely for us to get a taste of what they are truly about before we commit to them or invest any time or money into them. Because, even if the narcissist is love-bombing you in order to gain your affection or trust, they cannot help but exhibit narcissistic traits in your presence. But how did we not see it? Or why were we not concerned?

Today I will reveal a major way narcissists reveal themselves and why the people they are love-bombing are too blind to see it. Because when the Narcissist love-bombs someone, their actions, and words seem to match up. They would tell you they love you and show you their love by being affectionate, buying you gifts, wanting to be around you all the time, etc. and their brilliant acting of being in awe or in love with you can be very convincing.

Their persistence in winning you over can weaken your defenses in time and make you think that they indeed must be genuine. But what we should look out for or listen out for is how they treat others and talk about others. Because although the narcissist may be temporarily impressed or infatuated with you, their feelings towards others are what will indicate what they really are about. Narcissists are very judgmental and condescending. They love to gossip and speak badly about others. They like to manipulate, lie, and mistreat others. But because we are the ones being love-bombed, it doesn’t occur to us that the narcissist would ever treat us that way or talk about us that way.

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