How Narcissists Conduct Psychological Warfare

Getting into a confrontation with a narcissist is akin to taking a knife to a gunfight. The narcissist quickly hurts an empathetic individual who sometimes feels bad for responding with cruelty and bullying as if it were their right.

The shame instills feelings of guilt and self-doubt in the other, leading to their surrender. But, how does one go about putting together a fair fight? The most powerful method is to thoroughly comprehend and disarm the narcissist’s most deadly device, projective recognition.

It’s incredible how unjust, devious, and manipulative a narcissist may be, but they barely show genuine regret for their behavior.

They change their view of reality by deflecting, distorting, and projecting, absolving themselves of responsibility, and concurrently projecting guilt onto others. Their unconscious protective systems surround their ego like a force field, shielding them from genuine emotions of regret, insight, introspection, and responsibility. As a result, they believe they are never incorrect.

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