How Does Narcissism Develop in Childhood

Narcissism isn’t instant; childhood experiences form the puzzle,” said Dr. Karen Doherty, a noted child psychologist. Beyond praise, factors play a role for parents, the curious, and behavior enthusiasts. This article reveals how narcissism is rooted in the early years.

Parental Neglect:

Parental neglect is like the missing ingredient in a recipe for healthy self-esteem. It’s when kids don’t get the attention, love, and care they need from their parents. Psychologist Sigmund Freud once said, “Children are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them. If parents don’t meet a child’s needs for attention and validation, they might develop a “me, me, me” attitude as a way to cope. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a psychiatrist, explains that narcissism can shield against the pain of feeling unimportant. Acting like you’re the best thing can mask those feelings of neglect.

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Genetics and personality traits:

Genetics and personality traits play a role in how a personality trait like narcissism develops, especially in childhood. Imagine you have a mix of characteristics inherited from your parents, like your mom’s sense of humor and your dad’s determination. Your genetics influence these traits. When it comes to narcissism, there’s a connection too. If your parents have certain personality traits, you might inherit a combination of those traits. Some experts believe there’s a genetic basis for personality traits, including those related to narcissism. It’s like having a blueprint that sets the stage for how you might develop as you grow up.

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