How do you finally defeat a narcissist?

If you can, choose limited or no contact.

Narcissists are toxic to your mental health because they are unchanging. It may be best to end your relationship in some circumstances. That’s regrettably not always feasible. To choose what’s ideal for you, take into account your particular circumstances. Plan your exit before you leave if you’re in a romantic relationship with a narcissist. Make sure you have a place to stay in mind, and don’t let the narcissist know you’re leaving until you have really left, so they can’t stop you.

You might cease answering their calls and texts if your parent or a friend is a narcissist. Alternately, you may want to speak with them just once each week or once per month.

When they try to disturb you, remain cool.

Narcissists aggressively work to agitate you so that you behave badly. They gain from your outrage since it is all part of their strategy. Try your best to ignore their critical remarks and crude comments. Additionally, calm yourself down to gain control of the circumstance. Consider counting to ten, taking a deep breath, or visualizing your happy spot.

You might also tell yourself encouraging things such, “I am peaceful,” “I have serenity,” or “The universe is on my side” over and over again.

To help you laugh off the awful things the narcissist is saying to you, you may also picture them as wearing a goofy outfit.

To win them over, speak in terms of “we.”

13 Phrases Narcissists Hate

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