How do Narcissists treat Pets?

Let’s talk about animals for a moment. Animals have the innate capacity and capability to offer unconditional space just to be. They do not discriminate like humans do on the basis of race, culture, cost, creed, or any other such factors. They accept you as you are. This is why a part of me thinks that we do not deserve them because they offer what we do not. They understand you without your need to express yourself in words. They just get what you are going through and offer support without asking. That is a great thing—a blessing from God, the universe, or whatever you believe in—to us human beings. However, even narcissists, as monstrous as they are, do not leave these poor creatures alone. They weaponize this capability of animals to offer unconditional support and abuse them, escaping with their abuse. It is sad, and that is why I’m going to talk about this subject today.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how a narcissist treats pets, animals in general, and pets specifically. We’ll look at how their relationship looks with them, what they do to your pets and to their pets, why they do it, and how it collectively impacts you as a victim and survivor of their abuse.

Let’s get started with the basics. I won’t be going deeper into describing how a narcissist’s personality works because, at this point, I am assuming you already know that stuff. So, I’ll not be covering a lot of it, just one aspect. When we talk about narcissism, what is our focus? What are we talking about? Basically, we’re talking about an individual who acts as a parasite and preys on others. They are predators who use other people’s weaknesses against them to inflate their egos, feel entitled, expand their grandiosity, and think they’re on top of the world. These poor creatures get victimized when a narcissist interacts with animals. It is always pervasive for the animal in one way or another.

Now, there are two possibilities here when it comes to the relationship between the narcissist and a pet. Two things can happen. First, the narcissist can create a bond with a pet when they own one. This animal looks like it means nothing to the narcissist. It’s the same being that offers what it has to offer, but the narcissist misuses that and weaponizes it. They create a bond that is immature, non-human, and lacking in care, affection, concern, and love. The narcissist may pretend to adore the pet, putting the pet—a dog, a cat, or whatever it is—on a pedestal. However, the only reason for this is that the pet enables their personality. The pet gives them a lot of attention, seeks them out, teases them, runs after them, listens to them, obeys, conforms, and does everything that a perfect and ideal supply would do. The pet behaves exactly as its owner demands.

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