How a Narcissist Expects You To Behave After Destroying You

If there is any art a narcissist has fully mastered, it is the art of creating chaos. I call them merchants of chaos because they know how to sell it to everybody. They can literally turn the most relaxing and calming environment into the most traumatic, chaotic, and panic-filled environment, therefore creating hell for everybody that lives around them. For these reasons, you can call them demons, because demons live in Hell and wherever they go, they take it with themselves, thinking that other people are creating it.

Chaos to a narcissist is what breathing is to you. They depend on chaos like you depend on oxygen to live. Chaos is what their being contains; it is what they take everywhere. It oozes out of them; it is what their internal environment is made up of, and that’s the reason why their external environment has to sync with their internal one. They create some kind of balance through spreading chaos, and the reason is they do not want to be engulfed by it. They do not want to face their suppressed shame, those insecurities. So they have to stir chaos to feel the high, to be there, to create emotional volatility not only for you but for themselves as well. So that they remain distracted. But the question is, at whose expense do they remain distracted? By creating chaos, unfortunately, at your expense. Chaos may be their food; it may be their oxygen, but it’s not yours. It’s extremely draining to be fighting all the time. It’s sleep time, and there goes a narcissist trying to fight with you over something that you did ten months ago, something you said. And now, all of a sudden, they’re upset and they destroy your sleep. After destroying your sleep, they fall asleep like a baby while you are crying. And they don’t care. This is why they regulate themselves emotionally through feeding off of you, through preying on you. And that is what makes them a predator.

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