Holding on to Grudges Forever: What Narcissists Won’t Forgive

Narcissists do not forgive anything. They would say that they do it in order to put themselves in a superior, self-righteous position, but they secretly hold on to grudges forever while seeking vengeance. They will never allow themselves to forget, and they will not let an opportunity pass by to make you pay for offending them. Some offenses are bigger than others, and the way the narcissist responds will depend on the severity of the given offense. So, when I say there are things that the narcissist will never forgive, I am actually referring to those things that will generate the greatest response from the narcissist. These will be the things that will anger the narcissist the most and make you a lifetime target of their animosity.

Today my focus is on the covert narcissist, and I have five top things that cause a narcissistic injury so deep that covert narcissists will look to avenge it sooner or later and will continually look to punish you for it. These offenses lead to a feeling of shame, which is what will create the narcissistic injury.

The first of the offenses is when you unmask or expose them. There are different levels of exposure to this. You can expose a covert narcissist by highlighting one aspect of their toxic behavior, such as catching them in a lie, or on a grand scale, where you can show that everything about them is a lie and that they are abusive and controlling, etc. No matter how big or small the scale of the exposure, you are attacking the narcissist’s image—the image that they have created to get people to like and trust them—the image they depend on to survive. Without this fake image, the narcissist’s life will crumble. So, when you unmask them or expose them, out of complete desperation, they will fight to hold on to it. You will become their number one enemy, and they will deny it all, even with proof, and try to make you the villain, or they will disappear. But their disappearance does not mean that they are no longer a threat or that they won’t be back.

Why Narcissists Pick Fights Then Blame You?

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