Does God ever punish a narcissist?

The question of whether God or the Universe punishes narcissists and holds them accountable for their actions is a topic that has perplexed many. It may seem unfair that while victims struggle and suffer, narcissists appear to lead happy and untroubled lives. However, a deeper understanding of the nature of divine intervention and the consequences of narcissistic behavior reveals a different perspective. In this article, we explore the ways in which a narcissist faces the repercussions of their actions and the role of the divine in their journey.

5 The Gift of Time and Chances

God, or the divine, grants narcissists ample time and numerous opportunities to change their ways. As believers, we understand that humans possess free will, and God does not impose punishment in a heavy-handed manner. The divine is compassionate and merciful, providing opportunities for growth and redemption. The narcissist is presented with various paths to self-reflection, accountability, and transformation. However, it is ultimately their choice to embrace these possibilities or continue down their destructive path.

Things the NARCISSIST will NEVER give you

4 The Divine Gift: Offering a Path to Change

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