Do narcissists believe their lies?

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Narcissistic individuals tend to lie more than the rest of us. Why do they lie? They do it to maintain an image that will continue to garner validation, praise, and admiration from others. None of us are perfect, and if we admit to imperfections, we may appear less than ideal. For instance, if someone asks why you were late and the truth is that you slept in, laid around in bed, and didn’t really want to be there, you probably won’t say it because it’s not a good look. Instead, people might lie and say something like, ‘I’m sorry; I got stuck in traffic.’ It sounds better.

When narcissists lie, they often create their version of reality, blending fiction with fact to portray themselves as good people. This pseudo-reality is designed to maintain their grandiosity, protect their ego, and ensure a continuous flow of validation. It becomes their identity, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

Now, the question of whether narcissists actually believe their lies might be the wrong one. Their need to maintain a certain reality is stronger than their lies. Looking good to them is more important than the reality itself. Lies become a way of preserving that false reality rooted in fear — fear of inadequacy, insecurity, and shame being revealed.

Narcissistic individuals understand societal norms but choose to ignore them, engaging in lies to avoid judgment. Unlike psychopaths, who don’t care about societal judgment, narcissists care deeply about how they are perceived. This drive for validation is what fuels their lying.

There are different types of lies — white lies that carry no harm and betrayal lies that conceal information harmful to others. Narcissists engage in both, often avoiding accountability even when presented with evidence. Their lies are impulsive, driven by the need to look good.

In a relationship with a narcissist, lying is part of the territory. You have to accept that, at some level, they believe their lies because it’s a tactic ingrained in their identity. Trying to expose their lies may backfire, as they will likely become defensive and escalate their deceit.

In summary, narcissists do believe their lies because they have to. It’s an integral part of their identity, and they are unlikely to stop. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe, hit the notification bell, and give us a thumbs up. Thanks for watching!

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