Behaviors of People Who Experienced Mental Abuse from Narcissists (Don’t Miss Out!)

Today, you will learn about the behaviors of people who have experienced mental abuse from narcissists. Warning: These behaviors could harm oneself and future relationships. Many factors can cause a person’s behavior to change. Some behaviors change positively, and some will turn negative. However, behavior changes resulting from mental abuse mostly appear negatively. Here are 10 behaviors to watch for in people who have experienced mental abuse from narcissists.

Behavior 1: Over Compliance

The first behavior we will talk about is over compliance. Compliance is when you do what someone asks you to do. For example, if your friend wants to borrow money and you agree because they asked. Over compliance is when you do too much of what others ask, even if you don’t really want to or it’s not good for you. It’s like saying yes to everything, even when you should say no. Imagine your friend keeps asking to borrow money, and even though you don’t have much, you keep saying yes because you’re afraid they’ll be mad if you refuse. That’s over compliance. It can happen when someone is scared of getting hurt or losing their friends, so they always do what others want, even if it’s not good for them. For example, if someone is being mean to you and you keep being nice to them just because they want you to, even though it hurts you, that’s over compliance. It’s like putting someone else’s needs before your own all the time, even if it’s not fair to you.

Behavior 2: Feeling Anxious and Depressed

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